logic. (proverbs 3:5)

Two things I believe: 1. The Christian faith is quite logical. 2. In times when my mind doubts, my soul is simply unable to.

I think apologetics is very important. I believe that ultimate truth can face fire and remain. I love to engage in conversations involving all the hard questions that people have about the Christian faith because I believe that answers exist. (Do I think it is possible to be holders of all knowledge here on earth? No. Do I think that God helps us to find the logical answers to many of our soul’s deepest questions? Absolutely.)

One of the hardest things I’ve had to resolve, is the acknowledgement that my mind tends toward doubt. My husband has the gift of strong, bold faith and it’s a beautiful and beneficial quality. I simply do not have that. My heart can be quick to question who God is in times of trouble, but one thing that he has had to gently remind me is that in times of confusion, I need to surrender everything to him… even my intellect–trusting that he will provide answers in his perfect timing.

It’s really quite audacious of us as humans to expect that we can and should know all of the answers. Again, I think the answers are there, but in twenty-three years on this earth I do not know them all.

That being said, there is something that God has written on the hearts of his holy people that I am so thankful for: himself. In times that my intellect is confused and my mind is questioning if different notions are reconcilable, there is a song deep within my soul that I cannot deny. My mind, as with my emotions, can adventure all over the place, but a redeemed soul knows what it has experienced–the Almighty.

In the very depth of my being, I know that God loves me, that it is through the death and resurrection of Jesus that I am able to know Him, and that his Holy Spirit can and will guide me through my time here on earth. God is faithful, and though we may not have every answer we want here on earth, we know that 1. the answers to our questions do exist, and 2. even without immediate answers, something even deeper than our minds bear witness to God’s glory and truth.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

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